AAwuroshi'ye poetry

Sunday, October 27, 2019

Malcolm and Muhammad

Enormous are Your similarities
Doctrine of religion and morality
Doctrine of purpose and sincerity
Doctrine of love and discipline
Yet You two, similarly dissimilar

Malcolm and Muhammad
I know Him well, as I do You
For You are My Friend and He, My Muse
Malcolm was rough, rugged and raged
You were just a gentle Jack
A mere Mediocre

Unlike Me, You were My Parent's admiration
For I too was rough, rugged and raged
Malcolm turned over a new leaf
You grew steadily in Your creed
In both Your fields, You became extremely excellent

By many, He was feared
For They were Tyrants, so He was tough and horror
During My troubles, You cared
For You were soft and love, I concur
He was Young, energetic and electrifying
You are Young, ambitious and pacifying

My Muse and My Mate
Malcolm and Muhammad
Similarly dissimilar indeed

Sunday, October 20, 2019


My love, let's migrate to the moon
And live in loyalty and truth

Let Our love be of precious stone
And Your inner arms be My comfort zone

Let Our rebirth be june
And Your magic touch make Me soft and smooth

My love, in the past somewhere
Somewhere when We first met

Suddenly You popped up, glowing like a Pearl
And lightened My dimmed heart

Here is My little secret
about You
Ever since We met

And as We journey the path of death
In My bright heart shall You remain My pearl

We move

From the top of Our heads To the souls of Our feet We've been utterly ripped Our hearts pierced Our spirits fierce Tit for tat If...