AAwuroshi'ye poetry

Friday, July 31, 2020

Eid-el kabir

This is no ballad
All praise due to Allah
For it is Sallah!
Eat much and grow fat in a blink

A day when the Herbivores become medallions
And the sacred City attract millions
And cast away demons

A day, a symbol of love and all but greed
Oh Ummah of Muhammad(S A W), be generous, is all I plead
And expand Your good deed
This day of Eid

Sunday, June 14, 2020

Raihan, more than a diamond

Have You ever felt darkness so intense as the grave's...
But then look at Someone and feel alive and bright again? 

Have You ever looked at Someone and craved... 
And continuously crave to tie the knot right away? 
Have You ever been amazed, by the rays of a diamond as it emits through it's face... 
But then look at Someone and realise how a diamond can be so fake? 
Have you seen anyone like that? Well I have 
Would You like to see Her? 
Sorry, but She cannot be auctioned 
For She is more than a diamond 
O' Raihan, You've got My heart poisoned 
But I am not complaining 

Friday, May 22, 2020

A locked World

Our Cities, locked 
Our stocks, stuck 

Our pockets, locked 
Time for Eid, clocked 

Merriments, cropped 
O' Allah! Have this virus locked
😔 😔 😔 

Sunday, April 26, 2020

Gone but not foregone

They say true friendship is a ghost, for its spirit never dies. Pure like a glass full of spring, and its feeling, like life could not be more divine. This philosophy was too good to be true for Me, until Katsina took You away from Me, Ummi.

My ego poisoned the beginning of Our friendship, but as days bled into months, and the sky changed and the wind blew and the rain fell and in You I found a Friend. Ummi, the definition of humility, and generosity and beauty.

Your face is full moon, for with no mary k, yet it glows. Indeed a work of art to behold. Oh! But there was dust in My eyes back then. You are gone, but Your voices in the wind give Me an undying hope for a snack of You, with a gobbling kind eye some day. Gone, but neither forgotten nor foregone.

Thursday, April 23, 2020

The Moonlight

The Moonlight

All the while
Lot My heart longs, but deprived

All the while were sleepless nights
Peace was but a stranger to My mind

Until came the light
Soft and friendly and bright

Such that disappears My plight
And to the Ummah, kind

The gift of life
That brings Us closer, divine

The Moonlight
First Ramadan night

Sunday, April 19, 2020

Here and there

We were there, now We're here
We lied, We're honest
We were slow, We're aware
Our teenage, well flexed
We had Our fair share
We have regrets, yet have no regrets
We take a step or two a time, till We ascend the stairs

We're alone, but We're content
We have no pair, We have no peer
We shed tears, but We grin and bear
We have fears, yet We dare
We have rage, yet We care
Till blue in the face, We stand by the abject
Our rage is for Hitler
Our quest against Him, conquest

We were there, now We're here

Saturday, April 18, 2020


First time I saw You, drunk with Your books, I smelt snobbery. Little did I know, you are cool as the cucumber. As seconds bled into minutes and hours into days, Your presence became the dawn of My day. Each time You walk by, Your charisma is Your company.

The feel is good, it got even better.
Your company on whatsapp makes the dark space of My heart bright again, You replaced My sorrow with a rose. Xubaidah, I shall love You for all time, or at least till ninety-nine. Love of a Son, AAwuroshi'ye.

Eid-el kabir

This is no ballad All praise due to Allah For it is Sallah! Eat much and grow fat in a blink A day when the Herbivores become medallions And...