AAwuroshi'ye poetry

Sunday, October 27, 2019

Malcolm and Muhammad

Enormous are Your similarities
Doctrine of religion and morality
Doctrine of purpose and sincerity
Doctrine of love and discipline
Yet You two are similarly dissimilar

Malcolm and Muhammad
I know Him well, as I do You
For You are My Friend and He, My Muse
Malcolm was rough, rugged and raged
Whilst You were just a gentle Jack
And a mere Mediocre

Though unlike Me, You were My Parent's admiration
For I too was rough, rugged and raged
Malcolm turned over a new leaf
Whilst You grew steadily in Your creed
And in Your fields, became extremely excellent

By many, He was feared
For They were Tyrrants, so He was tough and horror
During My troubles, indeed You cared
For You were soft and love, I concur
He was Young, energetic and electrifying
You are Young, ambitious and pacifying

My Muse and My Mate
Malcolm and Muhammad
Similarly dissimilar indeed

Sunday, October 20, 2019


My love, let's migrate to the moon
And live in loyalty and truth

Let Our love be of precious stone
And Your inner arms be My comfort zone

Let Our rebirth be june
And Your magic touch make Me soft and smooth

My love, in the past somewhere
Somewhere when We first met

Suddenly You popped up, glowing like a Pearl
And lightened My dimmed heart

Here is My little secret
about You
Ever since We met

And as We journey the path of death
In My bright heart shall You remain My pearl

Monday, September 30, 2019


Inspired by the little One with no hair, idea by the young Man who is fair, written by the other Man with the beard.

My toothless Niece

A year old, but a giant Wrestler
Big, strong, energetic
Dare not carry Her, if You are rheumatic
My toothless Niece, a year old
And ever wearing a smile altho no teeth to show

Life, a commingling of ups and downs
For most, it is all about the pounds
And then in a twinkle, it becomes switcheroo
What an irony... A vanity

Beautiful and colorful, life is a mosaic
And quite pleasing like a music
Yet dream killer, for it can live You shattered
And a giant Wrestler, for it can hit You really hard

Indeed life is a dream
And death is the reality
Brethren, when life hits You
Remember to smile
And if You are broke
Just smile, like My toothless Niece
Even if You have nothing to show

Saturday, September 21, 2019



My work is just a pinch of granules, surely it can WAIT
After all, tomorrow and TODAY
Are They not all the SAME?
Hmm... Now My work is an ocean
And I can't do it all nor put it AWAY
Indeed I have lost it all along
Oh time! How deceitful can You be?
Indeed You fooled Me

But, it is not the end if I am JOBBLESS
The World may think of Me LESS
But My experience is My wealth
Therefore, I accept to not be WORTHLESS

To embark on a MISSION
To fulfil My VISION
This I must hasten to do
For time is long, but a mere illusion

Wednesday, September 18, 2019



Several hurdles to JUMP
Several stepping stones, but each time, I SLUMPED
From Gombe, to Abuja, down to ZARIA
Except in My eyes was success only a MIRAGE
As deep down, I feel not the HUNGER
Or maybe just procrastination, the thief of TIME
Hmm... Verily I was BLIND

But today, I like to DECLARE
A step a time or two, I shall climb the STAIRS
For the Brain is FIRING
the urge has RAISEN
Hence like Malcolm and His birthplace, OMAHA
My journey begins again from My new birthplace, OSARA
If Osara is small...
Then let the Mouse give birth to the Mountain
Let there be constant ACCELERATING
Never there to be BRAKING
As I join this RACING

Sunday, September 15, 2019



A World, hmm...

A World filled with lies and LIARS
Like a song on Our lips, for We are the lie CHOIR
We forget that a Liar's destiny is the Heavenly wild FIRE
And all these, just for Our selfish DESIRE

Even at the risk of the People's PLIGHT
Man cares not, indeed He has short SIGHT
For He knows not what beyond LIES

Brethren, before comes Our DOOM
It is high time We changed, for Our GOOD
And if it favors not Our MOOD
Still stick with the TRUTH
For truthful is always fruitful

Friday, September 13, 2019



Man, often engulfed in His thoughts and WISH
If You like, GREED

He is indeed spiritually WEAK
He knows not for He is indeed in NEED

Hmm... Oh!
What a helpless Man

He has no clue of His DOOM
For He only sees the BLUE

And all about the CRUISE
But when comes the DOOM

For Him will be all DOOM and GLOOM

Malcolm and Muhammad

Enormous are Your similarities Doctrine of religion and morality Doctrine of purpose and sincerity Doctrine of love and discipline Yet Y...