AAwuroshi'ye poetry

Thursday, December 19, 2019

A Couple made of Pearl

 Indeed is Nigeria no place for You two
Hence for Your honeymoon
Please migrate to the moon
And live in loyalty and truth
Let Your rebirth be june
You the Bride, let His magic touch make You soft and smooth
And You the Groom, let Her inner arms be Your comfort zone
May Your love be of precious stone

What a Bride You are, for My Uncle ones told Me
That in the past somewhere
Somewhere when You two first met
Suddenly You popped up, glowing like a Pearl
And lightened His dimmed heart
Again He said...
Ever since You two met
And as You journey the path to death
In His bright heart shall You remain His Pearl
That's a secret between He and I tho
But what can I do, for I am a Basket mouth
Hence I talk out loud

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